May 2016- Zac's graduation. After five years of hard work Zac has made it! We celebrated her PhD defense by gifting her a personalized graduation cap. Next stop for Zac will be medical school here at the University of Alberta, and we could not be more proud of her!


May 2016- new summer students! This summer we are pleased to have two bright engineers joining our team! Ben and Eric are eager to learn the ways of the Fouad lab and get excited about neuroscience!

December 2016. Karim recieves a position as Canada Research Chair for Spinal Cord Injury and the Lab visits the Fouad home for a Christmas party with Poems and Beef Stroganoff


September 2016. Karim presents at the ISRT meeting in London

28 July 2016- Row, row, row the boat ... This year our annual lab trip was on the water! And after such a workout, German sausages! Hmmm


May 2016- New students. They are young, smart and excited! We are happy to have 2 new students ready to rock! Welcome to the Fouad's lab Nick and Emma!

May 2016- Romana's baby has arrived, and they both are well!! The whole lab wishes you a happy life Ben Alexander.

May 2016- Andrew's defence. After almost 2 years Andrew finished his master and defended his thesis with his typical style. Congratulation to our energetic Andrew!! 

April 2016-  We are very happy to announce that Fouad and Bennett collaboration has been awarded an NIH grant to keep working on unmasking pathophysiologycal events after spinal cord injury!

January 2016- Pamela's joined the team. New Year, New blood! Pamela is here full of energy, ready to learn as much as possible before Romana leaves.

December 2015- Goodbye Juan. Our favourite Colombian leaves Corbett Hall after 9 years to start a new adventure in the Glenrose Hospital. Good luck in your new lab Juan! 

19-Aug-2015 Congratulations Keith! He provided major input to another successful grant application from the Fouad lab. We recieved funding in the "Grand Challenge" from Conquer Paralysis Now.

10-August-2015  Summer flew by, and the lab went on the annual lab trip, this year to our popular desitnation Elk Island. Although there was more eating that hiking!
21-June-2015 Karim abandoned the lab and returned to his motherland, where he visited our collaborator Dr. A. Blesch in Heidelberg.

06-May-2015  David defends his thesis! Congratulations David, this was not easy!
We also welcome our summer students Arianna Ling and Ben Hallworth. 

29-Apr-2015 Karim takes on the co-directorship at the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute. Furthermore, we received funding from Wings for Life to sponsor Abel's project! Good news.
26-Apr-2015  We are hosting the 5th Canadian Spinal Cord Injury Meeting in Banff. We had famous guests including Mark Tuszysnki, Michael Fehlings and Phil Popovich.

19-Dec-2014 Christmas party of the Fouad lab! Abel cannot wait to open Santas's present!

23-Oct-2014 Albertaneuro 2014 starts today, and we have G. Courtine as the keynote speaker.
20-Oct-2014 Romana is back in the lab!

26-Sep-2014 Caitlin leaves the lab, we could not convince her to stay with us for longer.

18-Jul-2014 This year's anual lab trip took us on a hike from Hawrelak to the Zoo and back. It was a very good opportunity for all the people in the lab to mingle.

25-Jun-2014 Abel arrives from Spain to join the lab. Now the lab has too many people speaking spanish!