December 2022

Holliday party  of the Fouad & Fenrich lab at a cold winter night. Dinner was Raclette, which was a wise choice as it helped heating the house. Everybody had fun especially as no poems were required this year. Unfortunately, Antoinette could not help it and made a Haiku for everybody anyway.




August 2022

Lab trip to Fort Edmonton Park at a hot and sunny day in beautiful Edmonton. We were missing Ed and Brooklynn!

lab trip

We are saying goodbye to the heart of lab. All the best for your future Pamela, and welcome to the heart transplant :)


July 2022

The Canadian Spinal Cord Injury meeting in Winnipeg! We had a lot of fun and were all happy to see each other person again. Great organization by Soheila Karimi. 

Winnipeg sci


May 2022

Many things to celebrate this month, so let there be cake!

Jaison Cucarian, a Physical therapist with a passion for neuro rehabilitative sciences has joined our group. It is a delight to have him on our team and we can’t wait to learn about his background experiences in Columbia and Brazil. Welcome Jaison!

As spring summer term takes off, we also want to welcome Brooklynn Nelson. She is bright, enthusiastic and keen on learning new techniques with us this summer

Our renewed tissue processing lab encourages a culture of collaboration. Covid-19 has taught us how important it is to consider compartmentalization and adaptability of lab spaces. The demand for lab spaces is on the rise therefore our renewed lab space is another example of the synergy to be more flexible and productive with our time in the lab. 



January 2022

A big warm welcome to Antoinette Nguyen and Edward Armstrong to the Fouad Team! As we start off the new year and new projects we are excited to have our team grow! Check out the "About us" section for more information about our team members


August 2021

After too many months apart, we finally reunited for our annual Lab Trip! At Elk Island National Park, we explored the beautiful hiking trails. This team building experience was a great opportunity to reconnect and bond. Here is us having a mid-hike hydration pit stop. It was a fun and memorable trip! #elkislandnationalpark


2021 trip


June 2021

It is with great pleasure and honor that we celebrate Emma Schmidt for achieving her doctorate degree. Her thesis titled “Manipulating the Microbiota-Immune Axis to Augment Recovery Following Spinal Cord Injury” is a fascinating study of the important communication between the central nervous system and gut microbiome.

The Fouad lab is extremely proud of her successful journey and wishes all the best for the future.

Emma defence



Check out our latest publication in the Journal of Neuroinflammation: Beyond the lesion site: minocycline augments inflammation and anxiety-like behavior following SCI in rats through action on the gut microbiota.


May 2021

The latest version of the ODC-SCI portal (V1.6) has been released!  Updates include improved web portal appearance and organization, user friendly metadata editor and enhanced quality check performance. You can now access over 140 datasets shared by 64 labs. For more details, register at and follow @odc_sci.  

This summer we welcome Raluca Todoran and Kayle Lowe to our lab and congratulate them on being awarded the URI Undergraduate Research Stipend. We all hope to make their experience fun and insightful for a future in the Spinal cord injury field.


April 2021

Best wishes to Emma and Callum Doolin on this wonderful journey, as they build their new lives together.

Emma wedding